Monday, February 16, 2015

Code Isn't Everything

I recently saw this Gamasutra blog post by Pascal Bestebroer, titled "My game's done. Now comes the stress, struggles, and adrenaline of a one-man team doing his own PR". And I thought... HOW RELEVANT!

For the longest time I was laser-focused on writing the code for my game. And I would occasionally blog about it. But I didn't give much thought to marketing the game after it was completed. Kudos to Mr. Bestebroer for starting his PR as early as the first week of development! This guy clearly has had more time in the trenches than I.

Marketing is perhaps more important than the coding of a successful game, at least by conventional definition of success. For me, I think just getting my game out on the Google Play store will be a success. But it's good to realize, as I'm learning, that you're not done once the game code is completed. And if you can get a head start on your PR efforts, the earlier the better.

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