Monday, April 20, 2009

That Whole Networking Thing...

So, I'm on Twitter too, and I have mittens to thank for it. I read his post some time ago, have been kicking the idea around and finally signed up. The cool thing to me is that Twitter can be a great resource to see what's going on in the game industry from people who just enjoy working on games. Click the link above for a list of industry professionals you can follow on Twitter!

This brings me to one of my weakest points on my original checklist to becoming a game developer, which is also one of the most important to getting a job in the industry: networking. I've already been fortunate to meet some interesting people like Matt Zitterman and Grant Shonkwiler on the Game Career Guide forums, and I believe this is another step in the right direction to getting connected.

It's not always WHAT you know, but often WHO you know. What are you doing to get connected?


  1. Definitely go to local IGDA chapter meetings. Some of my best connections come from those meetings.

    And of course, GDC, but really any other industry event is a great opportunity.

    I haven't yet explored Twitter beyond basic usage, but maybe its something I should look into...

  2. I'm going to agree with Matt. Starting a blog, posting on the Game Career Guide forums (found your blog through your thread on there), and signing up for various networking services.

    Good post on Twitter; I think I'll sign up. Good to know there's more to that site than someone's lunch.