Friday, April 17, 2009

Play the SkyCop v1.0 Demo!

I haven't been posting as frequently lately, but for good reason. I've been hard at work on SkyCop, which I introduced about a month ago. Keep in mind this is nowhere near a full-featured game, which is why I'm calling it a demo. But it is playable and can be "won" by destroying all red enemy ships, which is pretty fun for at least a couple minutes! :)

Features include:
  • 3D Movement/Rotation
  • Speed Boost (multi-texturing)
  • Energy Shield (alpha blending)
  • Basic Collision Detection
  • Enemy Target Indicator
  • 3 Backgrounds
  • 2 Camera Modes
Some obvious enhancements include the addition of music, sound effects, more guns, explosions, and artificial intelligence so the enemy ships can fight back! Alas, these will come in time as I continue to learn. Click the link below to try it out (press number 1 in the program for controls) and let me know what you think. Thanks for checking it out!

Download SkyCop v1.0 Demo

System Requirements: Windows OS, DirectX 9.0 runtime (available from Windows Update or searching online)

Important Disclaimer: I did NOT create the background images in the program. I used brightday1, brightday2, and grandcanyon located here, where they are listed as coming from free or (L)GPL sources.

1 comment:

  1. The project looks like it definitely has some good work put into it. That being said, it is very much a prototype.

    An good enhancement to the project would be to separate your arrow keys from directly turning your ship and have them add to an angular velocity variable instead. That way you can't have instantaneous turning and it feels a little bit smoother.

    Keep up the progress; that engine should be great grounds for more experimentation.