Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Staying Motivated

I can't believe I started this blog more than six months ago. I remember thinking initially, after seeing many game development blogs trail off after just a couple months, that I would surely put out at least five posts every week. Ha! Let's just say I may have been a little ambitious. It's easy to push forward full steam when something is new, but the question of true dedication comes when the going isn't so easy.

I've seen forum posts regarding burnout on the game development dream and even noticed one of the blogs I followed (and had linked here) seems to have disappeared. So... how do you stay motivated when your enthusiasm wanes? I think part of it is remembering what you enjoyed about it (whether it is game development or another hobby) in the first place, and looking forward to what you will be able to do with practice. In my case I'm reading through a very dry, technical graphics book right now and sometimes it is flat-out boring; but I know that by reading it and working through the examples I will in time be a better game developer.

Quite honestly, I think everyone loses their enthusiasm at times. If you stay away from an activity too long it can be hard (though not impossible) to get back into it, and if you play with something too long it can start to feel like work. But the best approach is to just stick with it. Don't give up!

Check out Brenda Brathwaite's blog post for more inspirational thoughts on staying motivated. I'm proud to say that even though I'm not posting as frequently, I am still learning new graphics tricks (today was Direct3D meshes) and will not be disappearing any time soon!

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